Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspired to Share

I attended a conference today on the Pedagogy of Documentation. It was a great day to confirm how many wonderful things are truly happening in our classroom and also a day to expand my knowledge of documentation and project work.

I am in my second year of implementing the new Full Day Kindergarten program and feel like all I do is learn! I have challenged my fundamental teaching philosophies and truly shifted my thinking with regards to children and how they learn.

Today at this conference I thought about my partnership with the Early Childhood Educators at my school. I have been fortunate to work with 3 partners. Today I realized without this new partnership my eyes would still not have been opened to a new way of teaching and learning. My partners have taught me that children are very capable learners, children are truly insightful, and that children have so much to say when you pause to listen.

I will go deeper into my learning's, my a-ha moments, and my struggles in my future blogs. My hope is that I can inspire others to reflect on their practice and teaching the way I have been challenged to do!

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