Friday, April 6, 2012

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Only a child could capture our beliefs so delicately...

We had a magical moment this week in our classroom. One of our boys was in the middle of working on a project and was very focused. Another student came over and asked if they could have a black fine tip marker, they couldn’t find one in the art area. My partner quickly gave her a black tip marker from our supply cupboard not thinking anything of it.

The child who was focused on his project looked up at Sarah and said, “You guys always listen to us. You do all the projects that we want. You let us use special things because you know that we have ideas”. Our faces could tell a hundred stories after hearing these words. How amazing does it feel when a student, only 5 years old, recognizes that the adults in the classroom have a genuine respect and confidence in their learning.

It really made us think about the way that we interact with the children and the messages that we send children when we aren’t thinking about it at all. Children know exactly what we think about them as learners by the way that we treat them. We allow our children to use any materials they need, we encourage our students to explore their interests, we challenge our children to think deeply about their learning – and they see that.

They know that we trust them and believe in them and we didn’t have to tell them that, they see it in our interactions. What a truly powerful message this child shared with us – a great time to reflect on what we do, not just what we say!

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