Monday, April 30, 2012

Always inspired...

Today Sarah and I were so excited to chat with a Kindergarten AQ course that was hosting their class at our school. It was so great to share our passion with other educators - our hardships, challenges, triumphs, and excitement.

While we were setting things out for the evening, I hosted my after school Gr 3 tutoring students in our Kindergarten room. Usually we work in the library, but today I invited them into the classroom. It was so amazing to listen to them talk about the environment. One student shared that it "felt like a home in our room".

Another student added on that we must make it feel like a home so that when students start in September they don't miss their parents as much. Such a new and interesting perspective. I loved how comfortable and calm the children felt in our room - they admired the beauty and appreciated all of the little touches.

We were so excited to share a bit about our journey with colleagues. Whenever we chat with other educators it makes us realize how much we truly are inspired by each other and our children. It also refuels our fire - after a long day sharing our passion online on our blog or with colleagues really reignites our passion!

Thank you so much for all of the kind words and excitement - it was so amazing to meet and chat with everyone in the course! We would love for you to follow our blog and share your successes and challenges with us on this journey that we are all embracing!

Remember...take one step at a time, think about what your students need, don't get caught up in all the pressures we put on ourselves...children have beautiful minds, we are lucky to have a job where we can explore with them!


  1. Thank you, Tracy and Sarah! It was very interesting hearing about your experiences and how your teaching has evolved of the past couple years in FDK. You have inspired me (and I'm sure you have inspired many others), and I am looking forward to someday (hopefully soon!) having my own kindergarten class in a wonderful partnership with an ECE! Together, you are helping guide your students' learning and providing a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where their best learning can happen!
    Carole Zettel

  2. Thanks Carole for the kind words! It is so exciting to talk with educators who share the same passion as us and who are inspired by children. We hope that you can soon share your passion and put to practice all of your new learnings in the classroom!!
    -Sarah and Tracy