Monday, April 9, 2012

Curiousity is a beautiful thing...

Last week we had one day that was really sunny. The sun was shining and the energy in the room was high. I noticed a few girls sketching in the creative area. They were using creamy crayons that one of my colleagues shared with our class.

The girls were drawing beautiful pictures of the sun with all different colours. We started to have a great conversation about the sun and what colour it really was.

I asked them what colour the sun was and they really weren't sure. Immediately the girls walked over to the window. One girl said "I don't see it, but it's there. I can tell because it is shining so bright." Another child said that "when the sun is going up and down it changes colours".

We decided we needed to go outside to figure this out because we just couldn't see the sun from our window, but we knew it was there. The children brought the camera and we stood outside. When we tried to look at the sun our eyes began to water. "It is so bright it makes us cry!" they shouted.

Now we had a problem, we couldn't see the sun because it was too bright so we still didn't know what colour it was. One student called us over underneath the tree. He said, "guys look we can see the sun through the trees and it doesn't hurt our eyes". He took the camera and captured this photo:

We sat under the tree and looked on the digital camera to see what colour the sun was...."White!? Why is the sun white???" The children were all surprised to see that in our photo the sun in fact was not yellow, but white?

Another student said they had an idea. They asked for the camera and headed to the grass. They pointed the camera at the sun and took a picture. I watched them as they closed their eyes and hoped that what they captured would in fact be the sun.

Look at how stunning this picture turned out:

We aren't sure where we will go next, but I have documented this experience to share with the children when we return tomorrow. I am interested in seeing where this inquiry will lead us and in learning more myself about the power of the sun.


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