Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It Sounds Like a Waterfall...

"It sounds like a waterfall" described one child as she poured her cup down the ramp. I had set out this ramp with duplo glued to it this morning, excited to see where children would take it. "If you pour your cup in the middle it will go faster!" explained another child.

As they explored the ramp I didn't want to ask too may questions and interrupt their investigation as I could see they were engaged and exploring still....and sure enough "I have an idea! Let's try rolling marbles down the ramp!" suggested one child.

I gave them each a marble and off they went, putting the marble down alone, with the water, and then having races! Sometimes the marble would get stuck on the duplo, but they solved that by using another marble and more water to push it.

Sitting back and listening to the children, instead of adding in my own opinions truly made this first exploration of the ramps a meaningful one.   -Sarah

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