Saturday, June 16, 2012

Investigating True Beauty

Our children went to the zoo this week. On our trip, many of the children were fascinated by the peacocks and their beautiful feathers. We were lucky to see two of the peacocks spread their wings "like a fan" in the words of the cihldren.

We watched the children talk about the feathers and how the peacock makes them move. They discussed why the peacock may put their feathers up and why they leave them down. Next week we will continue to investigate their wonderings.

We purchased some beautiful feathers on our way out and placed them at art. We set out paint and pastels for the children to experiment with.

The way that the children captured the beauty of the feathers in their art was incredible. Examining the feathers and seeing their sparkle is just another reminder of how inspiring and capturing nature really is. After adopting the Reggio approach in our classroom and being inspired by others who have similar beliefs I look at nature and natural materials so differently. I find myself even more in awe with the beauty of nature and captured by it's presence.

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