Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When your heart speaks...

At our Reflective Practice group tonight, I was able to thank my colleagues for all of the inspiration, support, and passion that they have shared with me. This group of educators hands down has shifted my thinking more than any schooling that I have been through.

What is interesting about that is that they don't even know how beautiful their passion is and how incredible they are. They are humble and thoughtful. They are reflective and I don't think they will ever stop learning.

We had a great discussion about "where to start" as it seems to be a discussion I have with people all of the time. Everyone agreed that it all starts by being inspired...some described it as a feeling or when their heart felt warm. They couldn't be more right, when I started to learn about Reggio inspired teaching was when I was INSPIRED and CAPTURED by their learning spaces, by their philosophies of teaching, and by the way that they view and believe in children.

I would encourage anyone who is interested more in this journey to visit the spaces, read others blogs, talk to those who have practiced and are learning. Are there textbooks? Yes, but will they truly capture the magic and true PASSION that comes from being in a beautiful space and reading powerful documentation.

I guess...you have to see it to believe it? You definitely have to feel the passion and be inspired to truly start on your journey. Today I feel blessed to have met and collaborated with all those who are full of passion.

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