Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reflecting on Reflecting...

This week I am participating in an Action Research group. It is called Reflections on Practice. I am really intrigued so far and looking forward to being able to do action research in my classroom throughout the year.

As I reflect on my week with my colleagues, the one message I am leaving with this week that resonates with me is the importance of being able to articulate why you do what you do and that your practice be rooted in research.

Although I think that I can often explain my educational beliefs and philosophies, I think sometimes I struggle to CLEARLY articulate them to colleagues. goal for this year is to be able to better explain my practice with research or references to support it.

I think mostly about my understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach in our classroom. I have read a lot of blogs and books, I have visited many centres and classrooms but I often have a hard time verbalizing my understandings about Reggio and how it fits so beautifully in a Kindergarten classroom.

Although I strongly believe that my passion and understanding of Reggio has come from being exposed to beautiful environments and interacting with outstanding educators (not from reading research and academic first), I think that being able to cite research and evidence will only strengthen my arguments about how effective it is.

I have had some great conversations this week about Reggio philosophies and my final thought is that...using special wooden baskets or creating a natural environment in your room is not enough. If all you do is alter your classroom environment (without understanding and being able to articulate WHY) then you aren't truly understanding the is much more than seeing the beautiful pictures on pinterest and replicating them or replacing plastic with natural materials. My challenge (for myself and others) is to ensure that you can explain, justify and understand WHY...

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