Monday, September 3, 2012

A new year...a new room!

After spending the week getting our room set up, we are truly looking forward to starting the school year with the children!

While setting up, we chatted about how many different ways that we have set the room up. We are happy with the new set up and additions in the room, but also know that as we meet our new children and see the way they flow through the space...we will likely make changes!

We have a few goals for the year:

Continue to improve our environment (by capitalizing on the natural light in the classroom and adding new elements like mirrors). Mirrors are fascinating for children to play with and explore. We are excited to see what the children do, see, reflect, and imagine in front of their new space.

As a team we are really hoping to continue on our documentation of learning pathway as well. We have chatted about the ways that we envision documenting children's learning, how we will organize it, how we will display it, and how we hope that it inspires the children. It is so great to have the JK's portfolios available at the beginning of the year. We also put out some of the documentation from last year for the children to explore.

We have put the documentation in our book nook area this year as we feel it will be more comfortably accessed by children, families, and visitors in the room.

Finally, we want to continue to bring natural and found materials into the classroom to enhance play. Last year we added coffee tins to building and instantly the children found multiple ways to use them! We have connected our nature and building areas this year to encourage the children to use the found materials more readily in their building as well.

Hard to believe the summer has come to an end, really looking forward to getting started and meeting all of our new families this week!


  1. Hi,
    I am looking at the picture where you have the children's binders (documentation of work done). I am wondering what documentation is in there? This idea really intrigues me. Are the children able to look at everyone else's work as well?

    Another teacher recommended your blog to me, and I am so inspired, thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts! (My email is

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting the blog - I love sharing ideas with colleagues and am always excited when people enjoy our posts!

    In our documentation binders we use plastic sleeves and add pieces of documentation throughout the year. The children can also choose to add artifacts (such as stories, art) that is meaningful to them.

    We have the documentation binders displayed and the children are always looking at their own and their peers. We have found that they are inspired by other children's ideas and often will extend their thinking after reviewing the documentation.

    One student this year was looking at her binder and saw a piece of documentation on art that she created about her family this year. Later that day, while painting she said to me "remember that I am a beautiful artist, I always add lots of detail like when I did a picture of my family last year". She went on to talk to her peers at paint about how beautiful her paintings turn out when she uses the right size of brush.

    If multiple children are a part of a documentation piece, we ensure that it goes into all of their portfolios.

    Hope that explains it a bit! Thanks again for reading the blog!