Friday, December 21, 2012

Constructing Letters on the Light Table

Just wanted to quickly share a really amazing building tool we have been playing with in our classroom. Our Early Literacy Teacher shared them with us so that we could try them on our light table. We are always looking for fun new materials to experiment with on our light table.

The children were definitely drawn to the letters and quickly began to snap different pieces together. They experimented with sticks and curves to figure out how they went together and what letters they could make.

Some children built their name, words from our word wall, and even words that they found in their environment.

There was SO much learning happening with the letter building! The letters looked really interesting on the table, we really loved that where the letters connected and overlapped. The colour is a bit different - making visible for the children where letters connect. What an amazing way to build knowledge of letter construction through play!

Letter Construction Pieces

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